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Log washers are one of the wear focuses in gravel plants . We manufacture and deliver blades for log washers for more than 40 years. Therefore we made a name for a log washer specialist. In northern and eastern Germany wa are the market leader.

For all brands (like Eagle, Fiebig, GfA, Svedala) suitable chilled cast iron caps are deliverable. This design is state-of-the-art considering durability. This caps were tighten with screws and only the worn caps have to be replaced.

In some log washers the drive can be overloaded using caps because of their thickness (> 25 mm). For these cases we are able to offer our special steel RWE-VM. Blades made of RWE-VM are first processed and then hardened. Therefore this blades have a hardness round about 520 HB also on the edges, which leads to a lifetime up to 20% higher than of blades made of waterhardened 500 HB plates.

Use our experiences and ask for an Offer.

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Download RWE VM Brochure